Hearing aids vary considerably in price. The price varies depending on the sophistication and features of the hearing aid. Hearing aids are a significant expense for most people, and the most expensive technology may not necessarily be the best option for a specific individual. Careful attention is given to affordability and best value for money to meet specific needs.

Most medical aid schemes contribute towards the cost of hearing aids.  This varies between funds, and can be claimed between every year to every four years, depending on the stipulations of each medical aid.

You will not be required to pay a deposit when you order a hearing aid.  However, when the aid is fitted you will be required to pay for it in full, or the balance after the medical aid has paid its contribution. We do offer a trial period of up to one month.  If the hearing aid is unsatisfactory in any way it can be changed to a different hearing aid or a refund given. This is only offered when follow-up sessions were attended, and still no progress has been made. A fitting fee will be deducted from the refund.

We fully understand that at times an individual may wish to try a hearing aid but is unsure of the benefit likely to be achieved.  We also understand that sometimes the benefit is not what is expected and it is for that reason we provide a trial period with a refund.

Finally, the cost of the hearing aid does not include the fitting and follow-up appointments.

Most hearing aids also have a 1 year up to 30 months warranty. Following this we recommend that our clients insure their hearing aids against loss and damage, because individuals are responsible for their own short term insurance for lost, stolen or broken hearing aids.