The practice of Rialette Gous Inc also has an interest in people who suffer from dizziness, vertigo and balance difficulties.

The NeuroCom Balance Master is available in their rooms in Muelmed Mediclinic in Pretoria to assist with patients with dizziness and balance problems.

The space agency NASA collaboratively developed the NeuroCom Balance Master to assist astronauts with dizziness and balance issues while in space and after returning to gravity. This system is also now available in the medical field, and is seen as the gold standard in assessing and rehabilitating functional balance problems. It is called CDP or Computerized Dynamic Posturography. It is widely used in the USA and Europe in clinical and research settings. It is an objective instrument providing detailed evaluation of functional balance. The instrument is also geared towards providing rehabilitation, helping people with balance disorders on the way to recovery.

When balance is compromised, people are at risk for falling leading to more injuries. They may have difficulty with walking and driving, become disorientated in areas where fast movements take place around them as in grocery stores, on escalators, at the workplace or in malls amongst people, or after sustaining sports injuries. In short, balance impairment has a detrimental effect on all walks of life – at work, at home, participating in sport for work or recreation, and while at leisure. It can cause severe dependency of a person on other people and compromises independent living.

Normal balance relies on three systems working in unison, namely the vestibular system, the visual-ocular system and the sensory-motor or proprioceptive system. For normal balance, at least two of these systems should be intact. Patients suffering from TBI’s (traumatic brain injuries), neurological problems such as strokes, Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis, sports injuries, concussion and general balance disorders may benefit from this facility. This is also a helpful assessment instrument in the pediatric context to assess children with learning disabilities and developmental problems.

This facility can also assist in medico legal work related to the Road Accident Fund, Injuries on Duty and Workman’s Compensation.

The Neurocom instrument is a solution for assessing balance objectively, ideal for athletic trainers, sports medicine practitioners, physical therapists and physicians who want to optimize athletic performance, speed rehabilitation, and make safer play and return-to-play decisions following any mild traumatic brain injury.


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