The practice of Rialette Gous Inc understands that in some cases it is difficult for people to visit either of their practices, and therefore provide a home visit service (conditions apply) which includes:

  • Hearing assessment
  • Hearing aid fittings

To ensure that home visit patients receive the same quality of service that is provided at the practices, portable audiology testing equipment is available. We can visit patients in their home, carry out comprehensive audiology assessments and provide advice about what hearing aid or other amplification device would best suit their needs. Any follow-up or fine tuning of the hearing aids can be done at home.

In taking advantage of this service patients require a number of visits to their home. Usually this entails an initial appointment to assess hearing abilities and discuss amplification options followed in a couple of weeks by a hearing aid fitting appointment. Patients will then be seen again to ensure they are using their hearing aid effectively and happy with their improved ability to communicate.


  • Maintenance Products

In their experience as Audiologists they see hearing aids that have been taken care of meticulously and those that have had very tough lives.  Without a doubt, those hearing aids that have been maintained – kept clean and dry, will last longer, have less repairs and generally perform better – this results in considerable less stress and expense for all involved.

A service schedule is provided to ensure a larger and effective hearing aid experience. Maintenance products are usually included with every hearing aid order. There are always a range of accessories and batteries available at the practices. Telephonic orders can also be placed, with products being sent via mail, courier or delivered as arranged.

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