Hearing aids are generally not recyclable.  However, the practice of Rialette Gous Inc is always happy to receive donations of working hearing aids (the behind-the-ear type) which we put to good use in one of the following ways:

  • Donations to individual clients, who cannot afford new hearing aids, provided they can prove their financial status.
  • Some may be used as loan devices within the practice when client’s hearing aids are being repaired or clients that want to trial the benefit of hearing aids before purchasing it.

Whatever the end use of a donated hearing aid, all aids are serviced and cleaned with new moulds attached for the recipient.  Patients who receive such aids are without exception grateful for their use.  If you would like to consider making such a donation please contact the office at Tel 012 – 3414450. The contact information of the donator is usually given to enable the new user to send a message of appreciation.

If you want to get more information on you hearing, “home screening” and types and causes for hearing losses you can access the general information section on hearing.