Public Speaking

Stuttering is a well known communication problem that affects all populations all over the world. About 10% to 12% of people in the population stutter. It is very difficult for a person who stutters to communicate effectively and it can cause severe socio-emotional problems in individuals who stutter.

To treat a person with a stuttering problem can often be a big challenge for both parties involved in therapy. The outcome of stuttering therapy can often be a disappointment for everybody involved. Fluency enhancers have recently been featuring in the market with great success in an attempt to manage stuttering. This is also a product of the wonderful technology era we live in! The use of a fluency enhancer does not cure a stuttering problem but can help the person that stutters to manage their speech problem easier. It often helps a person that stutters to communicate easier especially when needed most, like in interviews, presentations or ordinary speeches.

It is easy to try out a fluency enhancer at Rialette Gous Inc practice as she has demonstration models available. She has almost 15 years experience in helping people that stutter to communicate easier by making use of a fluency enhancer. However, a fluency enhancer is not a “quick fix” but a “trained fix”.

Before a fluency enhancer can be tested an evaluation of a person’s hearing and speech must be done. An ear to “speak with” has to be selected first.  The evaluation is followed by a training session as how to use the fluency enhancer and techniques that compliments the fluency enhancer unit. The techniques are demonstrated and exercised. This is done in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Follow–up sessions are scheduled if a person needs extra time for training or exercising. When a person that stutters feels ready and can experience the benefit of the fluency enhancer a unit will be ordered. It is then fitted and fine tuned at a later appointment according to a client’s needs.

Payment of the fluency enhancer takes place when the unit is received or as arranged.

There are fluency enhancers available in South Africa that is locally developed and manufactured at very reasonable prices. The Voice Amp is an example of a local product. (link to