Orthodontical support for oro-myo functional disorders

“There is nothing as bad as prolonging orthodontic treatment when braces wanted to be removed” – everybody that has experienced the wearing of braces or that is delivering a service to clients with braces, will agree to this statement. Unfortunately this is a situation that often happens to the frustration of everybody involved.

The tongue is stronger than the braces and it often causes resistance during treatment or a relapse after the braces have been taken off. Swallowing therapy, as a support to the orthodontist or client, is usually the answer to this problem. This can be done in a very short time (6 sessions) with great success.

The treatment consists of a program that will include approximately 6 therapy sessions of 30 minutes each. It is usually started with a 60 minute evaluation and counselling session prior to the commencement of the program. The program follows a behaviour control philosophy with logo-therapy as backbone. If you know “why“, swallowing therapy is recommended and needed and “how” it is going to be executed, you are halfway done with therapy. It is easy, fun and fast and the braces can be taken off with better results for long term satisfaction.

Rialette has been involved in swallowing therapy for almost 25 years, working in close relationship with orthodontists in Pretoria. She has a lot of expertise in this field and has a lot of happy clients with beautiful smiles….