Die praktyk van Rialette Gous Ing het ‘n passie vir mense. Hulle wil graag help om kommunikasie-probleme te verlig of uit te skakel sodat elke persoon gemaklik kan  kommunikeer met sy of haar gesin, familie, vriende en omgewing.

Rialette Gous Inc is an Audiology and Speech Therapy practice that is privately owned. Rialette Gous and Marike Venter are the audiologists working in the practice. Rialette Gous is also qualified as a Speech and Language Pathologist.  The practice is located in Muelmed Mediclinic Hospital in Pretoria, South Africa. The practice also has a satellite branch at St. Vincent Hospital in Bela-Bela (Warmbaths), in Limpopo Province. Click here for the dates that we are scheduled to visit Bela-Bela.

As Audiologists they provides services such as diagnostic and screening hearing tests, hearing aid screening for babies and other ages, fitting of hearing aids, maintenance of hearing aids, counseling of people with hearing difficulties, supplying of noise protectors, and more. They will assist you in identifying any hearing disorder and guide you in finding solutions to take care of it. A variety of hearing aids may be considered to manage your condition. A better quality of life may only be a hearing test away.

As a Speech Therapist Rialette focuses on voice therapy, stuttering therapy and fluency devices, and orthodontical and oro-maxillo facial support (oro-myo functional disorders).

Independence: The practice of Rialette Gous Inc practices independently of any hearing aid manufacturer or external commercial companies. This enables the audiologists to choose any brand of hearing aid that is available to them, in South Africa – ensuring patients receive the most appropriate solution for their needs.

Professionalism: Rialette is a fully qualified audiologist and speech therapist. She holds a Master’s Degree in Communication Pathology (University of Pretoria), is a Hanen Certified SLP (Toronto), and has a Diploma for Therapists from UNISA. She is registered at the HPCSA and holds current clinical certificates. She is a member of SASHLA, SAAA, and the SAMLA and takes part in continuing education programs on a regular basis. This is essential in a profession that utilizes rapidly changing technology and enables her to maintain the highest level of clinical and ethical standards.

Marike qualified as an audiologist in 2012. Post doing community service (at Natalspruit Hospital) in 2013, she joined the practice in January 2014. She completed her Master’s Degree (M. Communication Pathology) at the University of Pretoria in 2017 and formally became a director at the practice in the same year. Marike has also completed an international course in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. She is registered at the HPCSA and a member of SAAA, and takes part in continuing education programs on a regular basis. Marike has a keen interest in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, hearing monitoring as well as hearing aid technology (eg. direct streaming to cellphones and applications for hearing aids).

Standard of care: Rialette and Marike treat all their patients with care and respect. They listen to their client’s needs and strive to satisfy them. They are enthusiastic about their profession and deliver the highest level of hearing health care. “Best practice” is always the rule in running their practice.